Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Carolina Canines Kicks Off 100 Days Fundraising Campaign

Carolina Canines for Service, Inc. launched the Power of 10 fundraising campaign on Monday, August 3. The goal of the 100-day initiative is to raise $60,000 – the cost to complete advanced training and place three service dogs.

The Power of 10 fundraising concept starts with 10 supporters donating 10 dollars each to Carolina Canines. They, in turn, ask ten of their friends to do the same, who in turn ask ten more friends ……… creating a powerful wave of support and fundraising dollars.

A kick-off for the campaign was held at Carolina Canines for volunteers, friends and supporters on Saturday, August 1. People gathered to enjoy complimentary hotdogs and drinks provided by the Board of Directors. Along with the Board Members, staff, clients and volunteers were on hand to get the wave of going. “This is an easy opportunity for our communities to help support the programs and services offered by Carolina Canines”, states Paula Zabkar, Board Secretary. “Power of 10 is easy, you donate $10 and ask 10 friends to do the same, and they ask 10 friends creating that powerful wave of support. You can do this in person or send an email. But, everyone already knows 10 friends they can ask. Include a personal story of your own about how your life has been touched by Carolina Canines or how you have touched others. By asking just 10 friends and those friends asking 10 friends anyone can easily raise $1,000 and reach our goal of $60,000.”

Did you know…..…

  • 34 service dogs placed, valued at $1,292,000, but hundreds have been in training to achieve this

  • 76% of placements are in North Carolina

  • Service dogs are valued close to $40,000 each, know over 70 tasks and are provided at no cost to the person receiving the dog

  • Carolina Canines for Veterans was started in January 2008 at the Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune Brig and already five Wounded Warriors have received their service dogs

  • Carolina Canines for Therapy has registered over 200 teams with over 90 active teams

  • Paws for Reading helps children improve their reading skills in a fun, non-judgmental way by reading to the dogs

  • We are over 200 Volunteers strong and our volunteers have donated 119,811 or an average of 2500 hours each month

Carolina Canines for Service is a non-profit corporation dedicated to empowering people with disabilities to achieve greater independence. For more information, call (866) 910-3647 or visit www.carolinacanines.org.

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