Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Vietnam Veteran Finally Receives Welcome Home

Sgt. William L. Elkins, Jr. finally receives his welcome home

On July 4th, 2014 at Joseph P. Riley, Jr. Park in Charleston, SC, home of the Charleston Riverdogs,  Sgt. Butch Elkins, United States Air Force, retired was recognized in a special ceremony honoring his service to our country.  Canines for Veterans had the honor of thanking Sgt. Elkins for his service and presented him with Service Dog Abner.  Sgt Elkins honorably and proudly served our country from 1966 to 1970 including tours of duty in Udorn and Danang.  While on duty serving our country he was injured and to this day experiences the lasting effects of exposure to agent orange.  Sgt. Elkins is thankful to finally receive the thanks and a welcome home all Veterans deserve.

Service Dog Abner was rescued from Colleton County Animal Control in South Carolina after they found him as a stray. 

Remarkably, Canines for Veterans had already recruited his brother Eli who was also found wandering Colleton County, SC.  The two brothers were perfectly suited for Service Dog work.

Canines for Veterans is changing the lives of our Veterans in ways that doctors, hospitals and medications cannot.  The sad reality is that while thousands more Veterans could benefit from the gift of a service dog, we are limited by funding. We receive NO government funding.  We receive NO reimbursement from insurance companies or the VA.  

The value of one of our dogs is $40,000. For just the care of the dogs in training alone the monthly costs are almost $1,800 and include the following:

Heartworm/Flea Meds:    $217
Dog food/treats:            $370
Veterinary Care:            $528
Harness/Collar/Leash:    $217
Other Supplies:             $377

When a Veteran is partnered with his or her Service Dog, it is referred to as Team Training.  The Veteran stays in Charleston for a week to train with the dog.  This training week alone costs $2500 or more per Veteran.  

You have the opportunity to help SGT Sean Knapp receive service dog Bosor RIGHT NOW!  We are making plans to partner these two but need help with the funding of team training.  You can help Bosor get his Veteran by clicking HERE.  Check out the video about Bosor while you are there! 


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