Sunday, May 18, 2014

Canines for Therapy goes to College!

You wouldn't know it by the smiles on their faces, but these college students are in the middle of final exams.  Canines for Therapy has played a prominent role in bringing stress relief to students at colleges like Duke, UNC Chapel Hill and William Peace University during the stressful time of final exams.  

Multiple studies prove that pets offer a powerful form of stress relief, lowering not only blood pressure but also harmful stress hormones like cortisol, which is associated with depression and anxiety, and elevating beneficial ones like oxytocin, which is linked to happiness and relaxation. [Source: Grimshaw]   Some people even experience an increased output of endorphins and dopamines after just 5 minutes with an animal.

Check out the video made by the News & Observer about our visit at Duke by clicking here.

Canines for Therapy is only able to provide these services because of the generosity of our strong network of volunteers.  If you have a dog you think might enjoy meeting new people at various different facilities and are interested in becoming a certified team, you can get more information and watch our Canines for Therapy video by clicking here.

We offer Pet Therapy classes in the Wilmington and Raleigh areas for people and their pets.  If you are a pet obedience trainer and are interested in adding our Pet Therapy course to your business please contact us for more information on our Pet Therapy Instructor Workshop or click here.