Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Getting Vested

For humans, getting vested might mean to become eligible for pension benefits or to have a right or privilege to something, but for a young service dog in training, it opens up a whole other world of training opportunities.

Service Dog in Training Sheba received her service dog vest this past Monday. To have achieved this milestone, Sheba’s potty training was successful and at just 12 weeks of age, that is very good. For Sheba and her foster family, the Rupp’s, this means she can begin her socialization activities as part of her service dog training. The Rupp’s will start taking Sheba with them on age appropriate outings to get her used to behaving in public and learning about the world she will work in as an adult dog.

It is a happy moment for the foster family and the pup and one of the many accomplishments to follow as the training progresses.

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