Monday, August 24, 2009

New Kid in Town

Working with Adopt An Angel , a Wilmington rescue, Carolina Canines for Veterans found a new dog to begin her training as a service dog for a wounded warrior. Jada (AKA Barrette) was hanging out at the local PetCo on Sunday afternoon waiting for someone to adopt her when Pat spotted her and placed a call to Rick. Unknown to Pat, one of our volunteers told us about the dog several weeks ago, but at that time there was not an opening in the program. Rick arrived and did a temperament test on Jada and was happy to tell the volunteers of Adopt-An-Angel that she was the newest service dog in training.

In front of the Adopt An Angel volunteers and a small crowd that had gathered around, Jada was told her very special mission of being trained to work with a wounded warrior, of the many skills she will learn, the good food and great treats and all the attention that will be lavished on her by the prison handlers. Jada had been with Adopt An Angel for some time, but her special someone had not found her. We figure things happen for a reason and she must have been waiting for us.

Carolina Canines continues to be grateful to the local rescues that are committed to their work in saving unwanted dogs and their willingness to work with us for our programs. Thank you Adopt An Angel for Jada and all the others that you save.

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