Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Independence, Companionship, Literacy

Everyday, we take for granted opening a door for ourselves, picking up the pen we dropped or dressing ourselves.  We sit with family and friends and talk about our day or we pick up our favorite book and read a few pages.

Do you ever stop to think “what if”?  What if I could not open the door, pick up that pen, pull up my pants?  What if I was in a facility and had not had a friend visit for a week, ten days, a month?  What if I opened a book and could not read even one word? What would I do?

Everyday, Canines for Service is working to help people with disabilities live more independently.  Everyday we are working to change the life of just one person in a hospital or a nursing care facility by brightening their day with a visit from a pet therapy team.  Every week we are working with children in our community to help them love to read with the aid of a friendly tail wag and a gentle paw.

But, there are so many needs. Like Sarah who has been waiting four years for her Canines for Service dog to help her walk just a little further.  Or the group home waiting for a pet therapy team to come visit their residents or the countless number of children that just need the help from a friendly paw to read one more sentence.

Through your support of the 8th annual Walk & Dog Dash, you can help fulfill these needs and contribute to more independent living, less isolation and increased literacy in your own community. Here's how your financial support can help.

$25 provides for one month of heartworm and flea/tick prevention for one dog in training
$50 provides for premium dog food and training treats for one dog in training
$100 provides for an annual veterinarian visit and vaccination for one dog in training
$250 provides for the health assessment and hip evaluation of on shelter dog to enter training

Help us, help other by registering to walk in the 8th annual Walk & Dog Dash or visit our fundraising page and raise funds as an individual or a team.  Do it now, people our waiting for our services. 

Thank you for making a gift to those who are served by Canines for Service and for giving the gift of independence.