Friday, July 24, 2009

Meet Magdalene, Service Dog In Training

Thanks to Carolina Animal Protection ( for the newest member of the Carolina Canines for Veterans program. Magdalene, formerly known as Molly, was rescued by CAPS and was awaiting the perfect home when we spotted her. She was already on hold for a couple waiting to complete their home interview, but when litter mates Max and Maddy did not meet our requirements, CAPS graciously let us test this girl. Of course, she passed with flying colors!

Carolina Canines waited to hear if Magdalene would be ours and the happy call came Thursday evening. The CAPS Foster Mom and Volunteer, Jane, met our director early Friday to transfer the girl to our program. This is another great example of local non-profits working together for the good of the dog and in this case, a person with a disability in the future.
The prison handlers at the brig are very excited to have this little girl in the program and she will be well cared for and loved. She was already learning to sit on command with the guidance of treats and loving every minute of it. Over the next several months, Magdalene will learn many tasks in addition to growing and maturing. Follow our blog as we keep you updated on her service dog training adventures.

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