Sunday, February 21, 2010

Using Firstgiving for Walk for Those Who Can't

Firstgiving is a great tool for registration and online giving for an event like the Walk for Those Who Can't. But, with any tool, it can be confusing. There's been questions on how a person or team can see there Walk for Those Who Can't fudnraising total so, here are some commons questions and answers about using Firstgiving.

I registered for the 2010 Walk for Those Who Can’t and created a fundraising page, my amount raised still says $0.00 on my page?
Donations for registrations are tallied separately in Firstgiving from Donations made to your Fundraising Page.

How will my Team or Individual Total be determined?
Each person that registers for the 2010 Walk for Those Who Can’t makes a donation of $25 and can also create a fundraising page and set a fundraising goal. The fundraising goal does not include the registration donation.

When the Walk Planning Team tallies the donations to determine the Top Fundraising Team and Individual, we will include:
a) Registration donations for each registered person on a team or each individual
b) Donations made to the Team or Individual online using Firstgiving
c) Donations made to the Team or Individual offline

Here’s an example:
-Georgeanna has a team, The Legal Beagles
-They have a goal to raise $500; So far they have raised $0.00 online with Firstgiving
-The Legal Beagles Team has received $25 in offline donations
-The Legal Beagles have 5 adults and 1 child under 12 registered for the Walk with total registration donations of $150.00
-The Legal Beagles Team Total to date is $175.00 (Online registrations + online donations + offline donations)

How can I see who has registered on my team?

On the Team Page, in the upper right corner, click on the Team Name and another screen opens to show all the member of the team that have registered.

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