Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Celebrating Independence

Injured in a training exercise, Andrew Goodrich has come a long way since his injury. Having spent the first 5+ months paralyzed from the neck down, Goodrich is thankful for the ability to walk once again. Now, his walking will be aided by a special companion, Charity. Charity was trained by the prison handlers at the Marine Corp Base Camp Lejeune in the Carolina Canines for Veterans program. She will help Goodrich by being his moving hand rail to assist with his balance, pick up dropped items, and navigate just a little easier. Charity, previously named Dixie, came from Carteret County Humane Society as an 8 month old in November 2008. In just 8 months, with the guidance of the prison handlers, she has turned her life around from a throw-away canine to one valued at $38,000 knowing over 70 tasks. Charity is the fifth placement from the Carolina Canines for Veterans program providing just under $200,000 in services to our wounded warriors.

So, how can you get involved in this triple-win program? We do need your financial support to continue to provide wounded warriors and others with quality trained service dogs. All of the costs for the Carolina Canines for Veterans program are the responsibility of Carolina Canines. From food and treats to vet care and leashes, we do need your help to continue to serve those that defend our freedom. PetSmart or PetCo gift cards would help to provide food and treats for the dogs in training.

In our civilian program the wait list is 2-4 years. We need your help to raise and train a service dog and give someone the gift of independence. If you can’t raise a dog for someone in need, sponsor one by making a monthly donation of $100. All donations are tax deductible as allowed by law and you are giving the benefit of independence to someone in need.

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