Sunday, October 13, 2013

Brothers in Training

Training to Serve
There are times when something happens that just makes us smile.  In August we selected a dog from the Colleton County Animal Shelter in Walterboro, South Carolina.  Eli is a mixed of some kind, but happy and has a strong desire to work.  He is one of those dogs that can spoil a trainer because if you show him a new task he gets it on the first try.  On one of Eli's first big outings, he went to a Charleston RiverDogs game and you would have thought he had been to many before.

Fast forward into September and our trainer gets a call from the same shelter.  They found Eli's brother roaming the roads and picked him up.  After holding him for the necessary period the shelter called us to see if we were interested in him.  The answer was yes. A bit underweight and not as confident as Eli, Abner joined the training program and is also on his way to becoming a service dog for a Veteran.

Learn more about the Canines for Veterans program at our website

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