Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Power of the Community and Volunteers

Time and time again we are reminded of the power created when a group of people unite for a common cause.  On October 27 a night of such power and dedication came together for the common cause called Chords for a Cause.  It was powerful and moving.

Pat Hairston had the honor and privilege of being part of the planning committee by representing Canines for Service, one of the two beneficiaries.  The planning committee is incredible, led by Dr. Damian Brezinski, the group works to bring people together for the greater good through music.This team began working last February and as the event neared the intensity of their commitment culminated in close to 72 hours of constant physical and mental dedicated ensuring a successful event.

This years performers were Edwin McCain and Vanessa Carlton with the Wilmington Symphony Orchestra  with guest conductor Rudi Schlegel and the Hoggard High School Voyagers.  The evening was spectacular, even with Hurricane Sandy threatening to dampen the event. Chords for a Cause demonstrates that when you  "give to the world the best you have, the best will come back to you" (Madeline Bridges). 

If Chords for a Cause left you wondering how you can help Canines for Service continue our mission visit the website at or check out how you can help.

Thank you Chords for a Cause!  

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