Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Season of Giving

Christmas came a few days early for the Carolina Canines for Veterans service dogs in training thanks to Harry Barker Inc.  Carol Perkins, Founder, saw a recent article in the Post and Courier about the Carolina Canines for Veterans program conducted at the Naval Consolidated Brig Charleston and knew it was just the type of thing she wanted to support.    After a few phone calls and exchanges of emails, several of the U. S. Marines handling the dogs, Rick and Pat Hairston, service dogs in training Elder, Eden and Angel, Service Dog Titus and Therapy Dog Delta Mae visited the Harry Barker facility, met the incredible staff and had a little shopping spree.   The dogs and people were like kids in a candy store; they had so much fun!  

Thanks to the generosity of businesses like Harry Barker Inc, Carolina Canines is able to continue to serve our community with programs like Carolina Canines for Veterans, Carolina Canines, Carolina Canines for Therapy and Paws for Reading.  Not one of these programs would be possible without our donors, supporters and volunteers.

Thank you.  Two simple words that can’t be said enough.  Because of your generous support, George has a smile in his voice and a bounce in his step with his new service dog Ruth.  Andy can balance better with Service Dog Manna to pick up items he drops or retrieve the telephone when he needs it.  After two years of sleepless nights, Donald has Service Dog Holly to ease his night terrors and help him deal with everyday life.  Brian is more confident in public because of the skills his Service Dog Jada knows to help with his post traumatic stress disorder.  People in nursing homes and rehabilitation facilities are smiling with a visit from Carolina Canines for Therapy teams.  Children are learning to read better because of the Paws for Reading teams.   Thank you for your continued support and belief in the people we serve and the mission we do.

The Need.  The need is great and it continues. Census data estimates there are 32 million disabled adults (aged 18 or over) in the United States, plus another 5 million children and youth (under age 18).    The number of disabled U.S. Veterans has increased by 25% since 2001; 2.9 million U.S. Veterans.

The Wait. People are waiting for the gift of independence.   More people in our communities want a visit from a pet therapy team and children need your help to learn to read. 

The Ask.  In this season of giving, ask yourself what you can do to help someone in need.  Foster a service dog in training, sponsor a dog with a monthly financial gift, give an end-of-year gift, train and become a certified Carolina Canines for Therapy team, or volunteer.   Get involved and experience the joy of giving in a whole new way.

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