Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Remembering Katrina

Seems like yesterday we were glued to the news watching the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina on New Orleans and the surrounding areas.  Not only did a major hurricane hit the city, but a secondary event when the levies gave way and the city was flooded and then two additional hurricanes. 

What happened in the aftermath was one of the largest outpourings of love and support from around the country and the world.  Five years has passed and there has been many changes; many residents of New Orleans returned and many choose not to.  The city is rebuilding and will for years to come.

Carolina Canines was forever changed by the events that unfolded in the days and months following the hurricane.  Hurricane Katrina left people devastated and it also left thousands of animals devastated.  The large animal groups like United Animal Nations (UAN) and ASPCA stepped in to assist with the animals, large and small, domesticated and not so domesticated.  These groups worked with smaller organizations throughout the country to save the non-human victims of the hurricane.  Carolina Canines was one of the groups that worked with UAN and ASPCA. 

Carolina Canines Hurricane Katrina Animal Relief saw an outpouring of community support with 260 volunteers working 3500 volunteer hours in just a few short months.  Rescues from many area groups came together to lovingly care for the 53 dogs and cats that arrived in Wilmington.  Over 67% of the animals owners were contacted, Carolina Canines received national and local recognition, 11 dogs were reunited, the others found adoptive homes and all of the cats found adoptive homes. 

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We learned a lot from this experience, but perhaps most importantly we learned their are good people in this world that come together to help at a time of need. 

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