Friday, July 9, 2010

Community Support Through Giving

Carolina Canines for Service depends on the generosity of individuals, groups and civic organization to support the programs that serve our community. Recently the Shallotte Masonic Lodge 727 held a fundraiser to support the Carolina Canines for Veterans program.

Harvard Holden presented Rick Hairston with a check for $1,585 which the Shallotte Masonic Lodge 727 raised by raffling a custom cane. These funds will assist a Veteran to receive their service dog and be used to help in the expenses of team training when a recipient is partnered with their dog.

There are many people who want to be involved can help. The greatest need remains for people to foster a service dog in training with in the Wilmington, NC or Myrtle Beach, SC programs. Our ability to provide quality trained service dogs to those that need them depends of the generosity and commitment of people in our communities.

Another way to help is to hold a fundraiser like Shallotte Masonic Lodge 727 did. There are many ideas for fundraisers from bake sales to home shows.

Carolina Canines for Service encourages third party events (i.e. golf outings, marathons, sales benefiting Carolina Canines, etc). As an event organizer, we ask that interested individuals provide all the elements needed to complete the event promotion. If you want our involvement in the event, then before an individual, company or organization proceeds with a special event or promotion to benefit the Carolina Canines, we do request the completion of a fundraising agreement be provided by the Carolina Canines. To receive a copy of the fundraising agreement, email us at

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