Thursday, March 4, 2010

Walk for Those Who Can't - Focus on Our Sponsors- Dog Living Magazine

A few days ago we let you all meet one of our many wonderful sponsors for our upcoming walk, The Walk for Those Who Can’t. Home Health Testing is not our only sponsor though! Check out Dog Living Magazine below in our Focus on our Sponsors blog series.

Dog Living Magazine is a dog lover’s magazine published here in North Carolina. Providing entertaining and informative articles, Dog Living Magazine is a must have for anybody that leads a dog-friendly lifestyle. They have been a huge part of our team here at Carolina Canines, being a media sponsor every year for the Walk for Those Who Can’t!!!

Dog Living Magazine is not only a publication; they are also a platform for responsible dog ownership and they support the efforts of animal rescues and other animal-related non-profits. If you don’t already have a copy of the recent Dog Living Magazine, you should definitely check it out!!! You can find their magazine in over 250 locations throughout central and southeastern North Carolina. Look in your area’s pet businesses, animal shelters, coffee shops or even restaurants and you will be sure to find a copy!

And, did you know that Dog Living Magazine has two canines on staff! Rescue dogs, Ollie and August, are regular contributors to Dog Living Magazine. Ollie is the Assistant Editor of the magazine and August barks out an advice column, which is translated and typed up for the magazine by the Editor-In-Chief!

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