Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Stella, Already a Star

Just a little over 3 weeks ago, Stella entered the Carolina Canines for Veterans program. Stella, her name meaning Star in Latin, is a 13 week old Anatolian Shepherd donated by Full Circle Farm, Ken and Nancy Wargas, Rowlands, NC.

Ken and Nancy have been long time supporters of Carolina Canines when Ken and their Anatolian Shepherd Marky became a Carolina Canines for Therapy team in May of 2005. Marky served his community well with many visits to local children and adults, but retired a little over a year ago. Ken’s work as a volunteer did not stop there and in 2009, he and Sasquatch, Marky’s son, became a Carolina Canines for Therapy team to continue their mission to serve others.

A long time desire of the Wargas’s was to see one of the dogs from their breeding line become a service dog with Carolina Canines. There were a few attempts, but Carolina Canines always needs a foster home ready, willing and able to raise and train one of the dogs. But, this past November, when Nancy and Ken offered a puppy, with or without a foster family, we knew we could place the dog in the Carolina Canines for Veterans program for training.

Stella is already living up to the meaning of her name. At 12 weeks of age, she already knows 8 commands and has great focus on her handler. To see just what the handler and Stella have accomplished already, click below to view the video.

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beasto said...

Wow, she's better than my 2 1/2 year old service dog in training. I bet she doesn't eat the butter off the kitchen counter either.