Thursday, October 29, 2009

Website Design 101

For some time, we knew we wanted a fresh new look to our website. But, being a nonprofit and having a limited budget for what could cost thousands of dollars; a dedicated volunteer created and maintained our site for years. Earlier this year, our corporate sponsor Talk Inc. expanded their creative communications agency to include website design and management. When their creative team contacted us about taking on the project of redesigning and hosting our website, we were very excited. After all, we have had the direct benefit of the quality work this creative group does. Talk Inc. had redesigned our corporate brochures, helped us to name both our Carolina Canines for Veterans and Carolina Canines for Therapy programs, created our Carolina Canines for Therapy logo, prepared quality press kit information and have provided countless press releases over the course of the last two years. Needless to say, we were anxious to work on the website project with Talk.

Over the last several weeks, the creative work of Shawn, graphic designer extraordinaire, Susan with her very talented writing style and management of the project, and Nathan with his incredible web marketing and management skills, have proven their high caliber standards. Under the attentive direction of President & Creative Director, Debbie Elliott, Talk has exceeded any expectations Carolina Canines may have had. Actually, they have blown us away with the breathing website that professionally portrays the mission of our organization and our goal of helping people with disabilities.

Over the next week or so, Talk will be providing training to Carolina Canines for managing the content of our site. They will also be adding a photo gallery and a newsroom. Those pieces will go live as soon as we complete our part of those efforts.

Did this happen without our involvement? No. Step by step from the design to the copy, we were involved in every process. Even the transition to going live and changing over our email accounts was done with thoughtful guidance from Talk. Designing and implementing a website, whether new or redesigned, is an effort that takes a great deal of planning and cooperation between both parties. If you are looking for someone that will get the job done for you, using the latest technology and understanding how to market your business on the internet, I’d call Talk. They’ll get the job done right.

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