Monday, January 19, 2009

Everyday Heroes

America was captivated by the incredible demonstration of heroism by Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger, first officer and co-pilot Jeff Skiles of the USAir jet that were challenged to complete an awe inspiring feat to land the jet in the Hudson River after a bird strike took out the engines. All the passengers and crew made it out alive; a miracle in itself. The pilot, co-pilot and crew, and emergency responders all were everyday heroes, called into action when least expected and achieved an extraordinary result; saving the lives of 155 people. People you and I don’t know, but who are mothers, fathers, wives or husbands, children or grandchildren, friends of someone that does know and love them.

Everyday heroes are found right here in our community; just look around. They may not be faced with the challenge of saving the lives of 155 people but each day they are working to change the life of just one person. How? By raising a service dog for a person with a disability, training to become a therapy team and visiting at a local facility bringing a smile to brighten someone’s day, forming a team for the upcoming Walk for Those Who Can’t to raise the funds needed to continue our work in the community.

Everyday heroes, who are our heroes every day.
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